At Pro.Tek Interiors we offer a complete fire protection service, covering all aspects of keeping your premises safe. These are some of the services we offer:

Fire risk assessment surveys

Modern building structures are larger, and internal service networks more complex than ever before, making fire protection even more critical. In order to keep your personnel safe and safeguard essential services, it’s vital to prevent and control fires.

It can be tempting as a building manager to think you can work it out yourself, but fire risk assessment is a professional field. The Pro.Tek fire risk assessment service is designed to provide you with a fire risk assessment report that’s compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

That means your report will cover the current safety rating, what fire safety measures you have in place, what significant findings there are, and when these issues should be addressed.

Whether you have an old building that needs an upgrade or a new building that needs to meet the fire safety regulations, our fire risk assessment service will help you ensure you’re providing a safe and secure environment.

Fire Curtains

Fire curtains, also called barrier systems, are a critical element of fire protection as they can inhibit the spread of flames, heat and smoke through concealed spaces in buildings. They can also deliver other benefits for your building, such as sound reduction.

At Pro.Tek Interiors we are skilled installers of fire curtains. Normally, these are applied as a hanging curtain, secured to the head of the soffit. If the fire barrier is required to form a continuation within a void of a fire-resistant wall or partition, the barrier must also be fixed to the wall or partition head, to maintain integrity. All fire barriers should satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations 1991 (2000 edition) Approved Document B for cavity barriers inclusive of all fire protection. At Pro.Tek, all our fire curtains comply with these regulations.


Approved document B (2000 edition) of the Building Regulations outlines the need for large buildings to be divided into compartments, and specifies the level of fire performance the compartment walls and floors need in order to protect a building from fire.

However, where there are mechanical and electrical services present, these by necessity breach compartment walls and floors, which can lead to the failure of integrity and insulation in these gaps. This is where firestopping comes to the fore. When correctly installed, a certified firestopping system will contain a fire at its source, and limit the risk of destruction caused by the spread of fire and release of toxic gases.

At Pro.Tek we can installed certified firestopping systems, many of which are tested to provide up to 4 hours’ integrity. We also have load-bearing products available within this range.

Intumescent coating

Intumescent paints for steel work in a fire situation by changing their nature from a decorative or non-decorative paint, swelling into a protective layer of carbonaceous char, which forms when it’s subjected to heat. This layer of char can be 50 times the thickness of the initial coat, and is formed as the paint is heated to around 200C and above. This can slow down heat transfer and damage during a fire. At Pro.Tek Interiors we provide both water- and solvent-based intumescent paints, which can provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection. They are applied by airless spray, roller or brush as a thin film, and are available in a range of different colours, meaning they can meet your aesthetic needs, as well as delivering fire protection.

The required DFT (dry film thickness) of the paint is calculated using the HP/A (heating perimeter over area) as per BS 476 Part 21 and will vary depending on the size of steel and the exposure of the member requiring protection. A top-seal can be used for extra protection.

Where Fire protection is not required, industrial coatings can be also be applied in a range of different colours to steelwork or metal decking.

Fire and smoke damper installation, inspection and repair

Fire and smoke dampers are a critical component of a building’s air conditioning and ventilation system in fire safety design. In 1996, fire at the Düsseldorf Airport killed eight people in the VIP lounge. A fire, 700 metres from the lounge, spread through the ventilation ducts catching the eight individuals that perished by surprise. Had the fire dampers worked, these deaths may not have occurred. Fire dampers are passive fire protection products that prevent the spread of fire inside ductwork.

The enactment of The Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order (RRO) came into effect in October 2006, having a huge impact on fire safety throughout Great Britain. The RRO changed who is responsible for the fire safety system; the responsibility now lies on who the RRO says is the “responsible person”. Typically that person is the employer, or the owner of the facility. The fire safety systems that must be kept in order include all active and passive fire protection systems. Included in the list of items in the passive fire protection systems are the maintenance of the fire and smoke dampers. Pro.Tek is a leader in fire and smoke damper inspection and repair services.


If you’re remodelling the interior of your premises, or wish to upgrade your current layout in order to offer better fire protection, Pro.Tek Interiors is the company to call.

We can supply and install a wide range of interior fitments, which offer the highest levels of fire protection, including the following:

Suspended ceilings

Using combined tile and grid systems, offering protection from both above and below the suspended ceiling.


We can supply and install fire-resistant partitions, which can be a fantastic way to improve your interior space without compromising on fire safety.

Glazed partitions

We can supply and install fire-rated glazing partitioning, offering both improved integrity and insulation.

Fire doors

Resistance rating against fire. Used as part of a protection scheme to reduce the spread of fire through a building and allow occupants to escape safely.

Complete interior fit-out packages